How a Smart Home Keeps Your Home Protected While You Are on a Vacation

How a Smart Home Keeps Your Home Protected While You Are on a Vacation

Heading out of city next week but worried about your house’s protection? If you live in a smart home in Abu Dhabi then there is nothing to fret about. Keeping your home secure should always be your concern even when it is unoccupied. You have put years of efforts into earning and setting it up. Of course, you wouldn’t want an intruder to access your house while it is vacant and rob it of its belongings. Neither would you want a small incident to cause major damage to your house. With home automation, there are no such tensions fogging your mind. You can pack your bags and fly off without a worry. Your smart home will protect itself and your valuables.

Wondering how an automatic, unalive system can do that? Read on to know.

Motion sensors

Smart homes equipped with wireless motion sensors, always keep a check on unusual movements. You can set the system to send an alert to your smart device if it catches any motion. These motion sensors are usually installed at entry points so that if there is a stranger unnecessarily lurking around the doors and windows you would know even if you are a continent away.

Security surveillance

With surveillance cameras installed indoors and outdoors, you can always keep an eye on everything. You can see the video footage right on your phone from miles away and check it to see if everything is as it should be. So, no matter where on earth you are, you are monitoring and controlling your house easily.

Smart lighting

To make people think that your house is occupied, or to keep your house from staying dark all the time, you can schedule the lights to switch on and off from clicking a single button. You don’t have to change settings of individual lights, rather everything is hassle-free. You can set landscape lights to switch on at sunset and off at sunrise. You can also set the patio lights to switch on if any motion is detected.

Smart scene

Set your house to vacation mode and have fun on your trip without worries of home nagging you. When this scene is set, the house pretends to be occupied to keep potential threats at bay. An intruder is less likely to invade the house if he thinks someone is inside. In this mode, the lights and shades behave as they do when you are at home even while you are away.

Other systems

Smart locks keep your house secure. The burglar alarm system installed in an intelligent house notifies you and relevant authorities if intruder entry is detected. A fire alarm system would ring an alert if smoke is detected. Water leakage sensors; notify you if there is any drainage of pipes saving your house from further harm by informing you immediately.

Similarly, there are many systems that a smart home in Abu Dhabi can work with to benefit you not only when you are on a holiday but in many other situations and ways as well.

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